Raspberry-gpio get to see the status and how the pins are configured

Raspberry-gpio get <n> to see just one pin


As common today the pins are designed for 0 to 3.3V

To attach something to the GPIO see As most high density microchips the level are 3V3 so do not attach 5V Logic. There is on pin 1 a 3V3 50mA Power output and on poin2 and pin 4 a 5V power output. The 5V power comes more or less from the 5V power supply and can therefore supply up to 300mA current. Signals on the connector can be programmed as parallel IO, UART, I2C or SPI.

UART appears as /dev/ttyAMA0 . The pins are:

There is a DSI (Display Serial Interface) on S2 and a MIPI CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface) on S5.

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