Z axis issue

The standard axis is known to get a wobbling effect that can be seen on the printed parts. The trapezoidal upgrade should fix that. However there are still some issues:

  1. The z motor gets now the full forces by the horizontal beam into its radial bearing. This is not a way as it should be.

  2. Moving in z direction can result in bad noise

  3. When pressing on the (free hanging) right most part of the horizontal beam then the extruder moves some couple of scary millimeters down. Considering that layer heights of 0.1 to 0.35 millimeters get printed it is a surprise that not much troubles occur. Therefore do not touch the horizontal beam while printing, it can result that the extruder gets a bad collision with the part being printed and than a disaster occurs.On the other hand this wobbly horizontal beam has also its advantage. If printing with too much material the beam can escape upwards where as an solid beam would push the part from the bed or loose stepper motor steps.

A second Z axis to have the horizontal beam stable is recommended to be added. If so, then the dynamical parameters of the Z drive change since more masses need to be rotated and lifted. Parameters like acceleration, jerk and speed should be lowered if the stepper motor struggles to move. This can be done by creating a new marlin firmware or/and setting the parameters via user interface (and store it to non volatile memory).

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