Z axis adjustment

The nozzle should not have a collision to the bed. When positioning z = 0 the nozzle should just not touch the bed and the bed should be completely horizontal. In reality it is not that perfect.

The nozzle should be some 0.1mm above the bed this can be corrected by the slicer as putting -0.1 in Slic3r.


Values above 0 are not considered since this means nozzle would be is inside the bed. Additionally the printers software might prevent moving the nozzle below 0, since this could mean scratching and damaging the printer.

On the other hand the gap must be lower then the first layer height. Slicers allow to select for the first layer an other height than for the rest.

If the printer thinks there is a bigger gap, it tries to press out too much material. See section too much material. The first layer could could give the part an elephant foot. The material might sick really heard on the bed.

If the printer thinks there is a smaller gap, it presses out too less material. See section too little material.

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