Too less material

The following might occur:

  1. The material coming out of the nozzle is not pressed on to the surface below (bed or layer), just gravity and material flow puts it down. It might not stick to the surface below (bed or layer).

  2. The part might not stick well on the bed and falls from the bed or wraps up.

  3. Thin walls might get holes and parts might be narrower then expected

  4. Sticky filament (as PETG) might decide to accumulate material on the nozzle instead on the surface below. This is the same effects as when having too much material.

Extruders have a limit how many mm3 per second can flow. Changing parameters to reduce the material flow (smaller layer height, extruder width) or temperature increase so the material flows easier.

The hot end collects lots of dirt as grime from burned dust and might get jammed. Keep it clean.

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