Shrinking and wrapping

Large object will shrink during printing. Effects are:

  1. No more stick on the heated bead and slides of the bead creating a big spider net of filament

  2. Parts get bended corners

  3. Extruder crashes into the object causing the motors to looses steps or pushing object from the bed

  4. Crack between upper layers when bed has enough temperature to keep bottom layers down

Figure 5.1. Shrinking and wrapping


To remove effects of it:

  1. Clean bead to have it grease free (watch out that the cleaner does not add other stuff to the glass surface),

  2. Use PLA instead of ABS since it shrinks much less.

  3. Add supporting material on first layer as slic3r 3mm brim (or put a structured layer below raft) to attach better to the bead.

  4. Decrease infill density so less material is printed (getting 5mm wide honeycombs).

  5. Have the printer in a heated case,

  6. Use an other surface as heat resistant tape (Kapton),

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