Repetier Server

Repetier server is targeted at a computer permanently attached to the printer and having a web interface for the gui. This computer can be a smaller device as a raspberry. There is also the option supporting a web cam. The standard way is installing rasapian the Debian Linux for Raspery and then having the debian package for it installed Once raspian works sudo dpkg -i <name of repetier server package>.deb then do a ifconfig and on a remote computer http://<ip>:3344 to have it on port 3344.

Once connected, the configuration can then be done via the web browser.

Figure 3.5. Repetier Server

Repetier Server

The firmware in the printer should be reduced to the maximum Linux supports 15200 baud. Also the /dev/ file where the printer pops up needs to know. Usually this is /dev/ttyUSB0. If host is known (rasp) an attached printer can be directly addressed.


Unfortunately Repetier Server is not open source and some features (rendered images, webcam) got disabled after a while to be encouraged to pay for the pro version.

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