PT1000 instead NTC

PT1000 resistors have a standardized linear temperature curve.

Figure 6.11. PT1000 curve

PT resistor characteristics

In the new original Marlin software there is support for PT1000 resistors inside the file thermistortables.h.

It is recommended to switch from the Velleman firmware to the original Marlin firmware.

However this is just recommended for experienced users. For less experienced users it is recommended to not run into a SW version mess and loose other K8200 settings and therefore copy just the lines of code for the PT1000 into the thermistortables.h coming from Velleman. In Configuration.h set

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 1047

This means using a PT1000 for the extruder and the standard 4k7 pull up resistor on the controller board.

A PT1000 instead of a PT100 is recommended to have a higher voltage change. The PT1000 can be easily attached to the extruder using the standard screw and its washer. PT1000 resistors have normed linear temperature curves so they can be obtained from a preferred manufacturer/distributor.

Figure 6.12. FK422 PT1000 B


Since it is a film resistor on a flat ceramic substrate it can relatively easily clamped under the washer.


It should be taken care about the extension wires are connected, since solder starts to melt around 200°C. Crimping (or welding) is therefore an option.

Figure 6.13. Extruder with PT1000

PT1000 in extruder

For the heated bead also SMD PT1000 resistors are available. If this is used then add

#define TEMP_SENSOR_BED 1047

in Configuration.h

Especially for the heated bed it should be noted that the measured temperature is the temperature of the temperature sensor it self and not of the heated bed and not of the surface of the glass panel.

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