First layer issues

To get a nice first layer speed can be reduced (30%-50%)and temperature increased +5°C (while Fan is off). The first layer should be printed a bit thick and fat to be tolerant to a not perfectly leveled or flat bed and to stick well. The first layer height should be as the extruder width and all other layers half of it.

When scratching with the fingernail over the first layer (the side that touches the bed) then no profile should be felt. PLA can even be so flat that it reflects light like a mirror and no structure or the filament strings can be observed. If a profile can be felt less material came out of the extruder then expected.

If everything goes well PLA sticks hardly on the bed and it is wise to wait until the bed has cooled down to remove it. For small pieces or details a brim might be worth to be printed. There is no need for using tape, glue or hairspray to have it sticking on the bed.

If the filament sticks on the extruder then clean it and consider to increase extruder temperature.

Check the nozzle bed distance (first layer) it might to be too much. Print a piece and during first layer interrupt the print then use a gauge to see the distance and compare it to what the printer thicks it is.

Clean the bed and make sure it is free from grease and other substances

Check the bed temperature.

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