Falling off the heated bed

There are unfortunately many effects that can cause the object falling from the heated bed.

It is therefore important to find the exact reason why it happen and try to troubleshoot this one and not an other reason that is not the cause.

When printing then it is common that the slicer puts some loops of material around the object. If this loop sticks well on the bed but the printed object then then it can be assumed that heated bed and extruder temperature are ok (fine tuning can still be done). Reasons to fall of the bed:

  1. Heated bed temperature is too low, increase temperature in steps of 5°C

  2. Heated bed is too hot so it is as printing on a liquid surface, decrease temperature in steps of 5°C

  3. Too less material on the first layer, this can also mean to high z-offset.

  4. Heated bed not leveled or flat

  5. First layer badly printed for some reason

  6. Too much material. The extruder runs against material from the previous layer. This creates fores and can produce a wiggling effect in the object and therefore looses the object from the heated bead while the first layer loop around the object still sticks well.

  7. Material shrinkage and wrapping. If wrapping in z axis goes faster then the extruder moves in z direction than a collision between extruder and object occur and the object falls off the heated bed.

  8. Cooling fan cools to well. Reduce fan speed or turn it off

To improve this measure the filament diameter and if smaller than expected (or in any other case) decrease the filament diameter it in the slicer parameters. Slic3r has a parameter called Extrusion multiplier. The Filament diameter can be kept and the tuning happens with the Extrusion multiplier parameter. Setting it to 1.1 means 110% more material comes out.

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