Click noise from extruder

A click sound from the (especially gear-less) extruder means the stepper motor tripped out of synchronization.


This is not normal and worth to be immediately fixed. Do not experiment too long with slicing parameters, consider to open and clean the extruder.

The source of it could be that there is not enough force to squeeze the amount of filament through the nozzle or the filament coming out does not find empty space.


  1. If it happens just on the first layer then it might not critical, the extruder might fight with a not horizontal bed and is not able to put as much material to the surface as desired. Adjust printer Z-offset. As a positive side effect the object will glue well to the bead.

  2. Too much material comes out, try to reduce it with the extrusion multiplier or filament diameter in steps of 0.05.

  3. Extruder have a limit how many mm3 per second can flow. Changing parameters to reduce the material flow (smaller layer height, extruder width) or temperature increase so the material flows easier. could help ,

  4. Disassemble the extruder and clean it.

    The hot end collects lots of dirt as grime from burned dust.

    Some extruder have a PTFE (teflon) tube that might be jammed.

    Due to tolerances there are diameter change edges inside the extruder. It is recommended to check that the cold parts have a higher diameter than the hot parts so the melted filament does not stick in the extruder.

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