Chapter 2. Foreword

For a customer I started (2009) a redesign for a machine containing a MC14500. A goal was re-using the many MC14500 programs that have been written and being field-proved over many decades. Since the MC14500 is no more in production, a replacement with all its low voltage peripherals has been done using a FPGA. A second step vision was to convert the MC14500 code back to parallel processing VHDL for the FPGA.

In parallel to this activity, I published the stuff not restricted to the non-disclosure agreement on the Internet. Since I'm surprised about the echo from the Internet I'd like to finish a complete MC14500 opens source package.

The MC14500 chip can still be found at

The main goal of this project is having a MC14500 that runs a program assembled by the mc14500 assembler. Other goals are:

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