Avr board

The MC14500 CPU board runs autonomously and its EEPROM chip could be removed and programmed. The AVR board allows more modern features as in circuit programming of the EEPROM via a virtual COM connection on USB.

The commands are pure ASCII, therefore it will work with a standard terminal program as minicom. Sending the cat command lists all commands implemented.

Relevant commands are:

Table 8.1. 

rst rst 1 puts the board in reset condition. rst 0 clears it and rst returns the rst status
data data reads the data from the EEPROM. data <0..255> writes the data onto the EEPROM
clk_cpu sets clock to low, so instruction data is latched to the CPU
clk_pc sets clock to high and increases the programm counter
latch_mem write pulse to the EEPROM to store the data
dir_read The EEPROM puts its data on its pins
dir_write The EEPROM reads data from its pins
clk_run The AVR board toggles the clock line, so the program runs. clk_cpu or clk_pc will stop this.

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