Chapter 2. Introduction

Due to its success and long term availability Logo from Siemens has different versions that got enhanced over time. This evolutionary improvements obviously create some compatibility issues since the newest feature is not available on an older Logo PLC.

The official Siemens site contains detail overview and contains Web based learning that is recommended to do (allow your browser to not block pop ups).

This guide focuses on Logo!8. It is not intended to duplicate what can be found quickly in the official Siemens documentation nor elsewhere as the many recommendable youtube videos around. The goal is to have a slim guide to find the not so obvious stuff and have hints to allow an easy start and go.

The Logo Starterkit is affordable and includes more than required to go. Alternatively the individual parts could be ordered (Logic module = the PLC and LOGO!8 Soft Comfort = the DVD).

Figure 2.1. Starter Kit

Starter Kit

The starter kit contains different DVD's and therefore could overcharge a beginner:

  1. LOGO!8 Soft Comfort (Version 8.2) is the only one really required since it holds the develop environment

  2. The big packet with the big certificate of License contains additional stuff that is not really of use for a beginner

    1. USB stick

    2. Double DVD SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic/Professional Simatic WinCC Basic/Comfort/Advanced.


      WinCC is a Modbus client and can also be used for Simatic HMI Basic Panels with LOGO!8.

    3. Simatic WinCC Legacy Panel images

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