rsync is a protocol to copy files between computers as ftp. However rsync does not copy everything, it copies just the differences to be fast and transferring as little as necessary. Both computers must have rsync installed.

Finally there is also the gui grsync

To use it two methods are possible:

Rsync in the console

It can run on top of ssh (or rsh the remote shell), if so run:

rsync -t <source path><user>@<name of the remote machine>:<destination path>

-t means keep modification times of the files or use -avz that moves them in archive mode compressed with verbose outputs. Not using the trailing / in the source path means do it recursively


rsync -t <source path><name of the remote machine>:<destination path>

Note the the command has a single : character

Rsync daemon

Or it can use a rsync daemon on the remote machine, if so run

rsync -t <source path> rsync://<name of the remote machine>:<destination path>


sync -t <source path><name of the remote machine>::<destination path>

Note the command has two :: characters

The two files are necessary to setup a rsync server:



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