Povray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) http://www.povray.org/ puts light into computer graphics. The light reflects from surfaces, shadows are created and you see trough glass. Povray itself has no graphical user interface, POV-Ray scenes are described in *.pov files containing a special text language called scene description language. You will type commands into a plain text file and POV-Ray will read it to create the image.

Figure 11.16. Povray


It is also possible to create *.pov files with other tools..

There is a front-end emerge kpovmodeler.

Figure 11.17. Povray


You need a camera, light and an object with some material properties to get something different than a dark black picture.

Run the tutorial that is available in the help menu, to create a picture as shown in the picture above. To save the picture use the desired and supported extension as *.jpg and kpovmodeler converts it automatically to this format.

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