FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standardization)

Unix and Linux try to structure the thousands of files in a standard way . However the latest version is from 2004 and things as /sys and /proc are missing.

In the root directory the following directories should be present and used in the proposed way:


System commands, to be used from all users


Boot loader and kernel


Device files


Configuration files and boot and runlevel scripts


All regular users


Shared libraries. In/lib/modules are the kernel modules


Stuff that fsck found


Mounting point for removable media devices


Mounting points for temporary file systems on other media.


Additional program packages. Alternative /usr/local


Information about running processes


The home directory of the user root


System commands to be used just from root


The kernel exports information about devices and drivers to this directory.


temporary data mounted as RAM disk using tmpfs. Alternative/var/tmp be aware that this directory gets wiped off when booting the system.


Static read only user data (/var should hold the dynamic), kernel source, and applications.


Dynamic data log files, printer spool, mail

To observe directories it might be handy to emerge app-text/tree and use it as tree /var/log.

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