eD2k (eDonkey2000)is used to download large files shared by different users (however it is very slow due to fire walls out there). A file is identified with a link as follows:


Note: The name actually does not identify the file, it is the hash code and the size.

Satellite images from the NASA showing the whole earth have the following links:

East Map:


West Map:


To download it, you need to install a ed2k client. Since eD2K works peer to peer (P2P) so the clients are called P2P clients.

It is peer to peer, but you still need aserver. The server helps you searching files and establishes the connection between you and other servers. Ones established you get different chunks from different servers and your eD2k puts them together to the single file you requested. There is also no problem, when you interrupt the connection.

eD2k is sensitive for firewalls. If you are behind a firewall, then you get a low ID and everything is slow. Check if the ports are open on your local as well as providers router.

Since most ports can be configured to be set to any other number, the defaults will be listed. The traffic direction is from client perspective (you):



4661 TCP (outgoing)

Server listens for connection (defined by server)

4662 TCP (outgoing and incoming)

Client to client transfers

4665 UDP (outgoing and incoming)

Used for global server searches and global source queries. This is always Client TCP port + 3

4672 UDP (outgoing and incoming)

Extended eMule protocol, Queue Rating, File Reask Ping

4711 TCP

WebServer listening port.

4712 TCP: External Connection port

Used to communicate aMule with other applications such as aMule WebServer or aMuleCMD.

aMule (all platform MULE => emerge amule). Don't run it as root.

After successfully download the files are in:


Note that you can interrupt the download and proceed later. Check out:


Other clients:

MLDonkey (originally developed for Linux, emerge net-2p2/mldonkey)

eMule (most used, originally developed for windows, not there in Gentoo portage)

Kademila and Overnet are future replacements for the eD2k network.

eD2k is very slow and seems to be problematic for copyright and “content” issues of what you download. So better use it just if you have no other choice, so you do not accidentally download illegal things and end up in prison. More legally critical is uploading.

ED2k is also a BitTorrent client running the BitTorrent protocol. BitTorrent Inc. is a company.

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