Install gphoto2 to be able to connect cameras and android phones. gphoto2 is just one way to get photos from android phones.

gphoto2 --list-cameras, gphoto2 --list-cameras | less or gphoto2 --list-cameras | grep -i galaxy is the list of supported cameras is:

gphoto2 --auto-detect should return the connected phone

If more than one camera is attached then the camera option can be set to select one gphoto2 --camera "Samsung Galaxy models (MTP)"

gphoto2 --abilities shows what can be done


Mtp devices might be automatically mounted by the system so make sure they are not mounted when using gphoto2

If supported gphoto2 --capture-image captures a image to the camera and gphoto2 --capture-image-and-download captures and downloads a image to the PC.

gphoto2 --list-folders lists the folders, on a smart phone the will be a lot of them

There is a front-end for it: gtkam or gphotofs to mount the camera as file-system

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