Bochs is a PC emulator, that also supports older operating systems as Win95/98 and Dos. There are different hard-disk image files as a 10MByte FreeDOS that looks promising to run older SW. Bochs image files can be mounted on the Linux Host system and be accessed.

Bochs needs a configuration file, take a look at the sample /usr/share/doc/bochs/bochsrc-sample.txt

You need to rename it to bochsrc and place it somewhere bochs finds it: Current directory, ~/.bochsrc, in the /etc directory.

Bochs can also run bootable iso CD images. Settings to be done in a bochsrc for a Linux host running a Knoppix CD image:

display_library: x

ata0-master: type=cdrom, path=KNOPPIX_V6.2CD-2009-11-18-EN.iso, status=inserted

boot: cdrom

If you run bochs from a directory containing bochsrc type bochs, otherwise bochs -f<here is my bochsrc> .

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