Creating the web pages

Web pages need to be created. Any tool could do this, but they can be created also automatically.

The python script creates default html web pages and the necessary javascript files using the sqlite database as input. It also creates the girt.html file that lists all remote controllers found. It has a man page girt2html.html

Figure 7. Automatic created webpage


Those web pages are functional but might not be as nice as it is desired. Any web editing tools can be use to improve those web pages as taking a photo of a real remote controller and using a image map to response to key clicks.

The automatically created pages embed directly svg in xhtml. This technique is quite new and therefore some browsers (as on Android phones) might not draw that correctly. There is no activity planed to change to improve support for old browsers. On the other hand browsers like firefox understand svg well and think they are smart by allowing dragging svg subelements around the screen.

To avoid that automatically created web pages overwrite manually made ones, they have filenames that end with *_auto.html. The program scans its output directory and adds additional html pages to its list.


It should be noted that everything necessary as the IR signal to be sent is included in the web pages, so the sqlite database is not used when signals have to be sent. When a button is pressed the wave form is immediately available and no lookups in the database is necessary.

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