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GUI for Encfs

Gencfs is a simple graphical front end for encfs . With encfs directories and their files can be crypted. Gencfs easily can mount such a directory to an encrypted copy.


Manual installation

  • The program is a simple python application using Tkinter for the graphics. It also contains a man page. Download the latest version of gencfs-*.*.tar.gz

Gentoo Linux installation

  • Install my linursoverlay
  • Since it is not an official ebuild you must unmask it. Type: echo "sys-fs/gencfs ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
  • Check if the tk and tcl use flags are set, if not set it and do a emerge --newuse --update world
  • Type emerge gencfs to install it
  • Type emerge --unmerge gencfs to remove it