Infrared reader

Reader hardware

Figure 1.1. IR reader Schematics

IR reader schematics

Figure 1.2. IR reader hardware

IR reader

The small cubical magnets hold the reader in place.

USB is best suited to connect the infrared front end to a computer device since it offers 5V power and virtual comports chips. Small modules are available that prevent dealing with surface mount devices:

Figure 1.3. USB interface

usb reader

Finally everything gets packed together in a 3d printed case making use of scad and slic3r.

Figure 1.4. Complete

ir reader

Reader software

The initial baudrate is 300 and could be increased after the energy meter has announced its maximum baudrate. However to have this working reliable, the IR reader must support different baudrates for receiving (new baudrate) and still able to request the higher baudrate using the initial 300 baud. Most hardware as the used USB device used do not support having different baudrates for receiving and sending. So the readout must be performed at the slow 300baud.

The python3 script is readmeter-0.1.tar.gz and has a man page readmeter.html

To write it into a file it is typically used as: ./ -cq > <name>.txt

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