Chapter 1. Energymeter

Table of Contents

Infrared reader
Reader hardware
Reader software

Energymeters are instruments for billing energy and not directly to measure energy. This minor detail explains why they have a starting current to prevent billing a customer who has nothing attached to an energy meter.

Energymeters have their standards history IEC1107 became IEC61107 and then IEC62056.

Due to the long standardization history and the fact that they are billing instruments to be protected from misuse, their behavior is not well openly documented and differs between the different manufacturers and models.

Additionally, since they carry dangerous voltages, just people with the necessary skills should consider to work with them. However a save way is using an optical Infrared reader to read out the values without the need to physically contact the meters live parts.

There is the open source project to readout such meters, mainly using the vzlogger program.

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