The most difficult part of this standard is the decision on the size and form of the PCB's. In the past single and double Eurocards have been used, but today microelectronics got smaller and smaller, but the size of connectors remained remain in the dimensions a human can plug it in and out.

The mechanical interface is derived from the single Eurocard, with the 32*3 connector but shifted the front panel to the side. This creates a front and a back panel that can accommodate connectors. The maximum height of the PCB is 80mm, that is half of the Eurocard (160mm). Alternatively the boards can have a reduced height, to save cost.

Blender has been used to design the ElecBox

Figure 20. ElecBox in Blender

elecbox in blender

Two versions of the case exist:

Front and Back

The front bracket contains the user interface, whereas the back bracket holds additional connectors to peripherals attached. The front or back brackets could have optionally its own specialized non standardizes PCBs to be more flexible and avoid cabling. Double (or even more) slot modules are also possible.

Due to the connector used on the modules, the modules need to be plugged onto a backplane that has a certain number of slots to hold the modules.

The smallest backplane should have 4 slots that allows most applications. It can be expanded by putting a jumper backplane underneath to connect a second backplane.

White plastic profiles is the preferred material for the brackets, since it can be easily be written on them to know where to made the holes. Making holes in plastic is easy to do. Transparent labels with black fonts can be glued on them. If something went wrong with making holes to the bracket, then epoxy resin and a white labels with black fonts will cover it.

Isolation and shielding

Boards containing dangerous voltages or high currents need to be isolated or shielded. The current version of ElecBox does not provide standard solution for that.

An Elecbox internal enclosure has to be created. This can be: iron sheet metal to shield also magnetic fields or a plastic enclosure.

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