Android for Linux users

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Find Phone
3. Package manager
4. Data Exchange
Data exchange via FTP
Android as FTP server
Android as FTP client
Data exchange via USB
mtp under linux
Access mtp devices
Mount mtp devices to file system
Persistent device name for MTP devices
Automatically mount mtp devices to file system
Sms from Android
5. USB
6. Filesystems
7. Encrypted files
8. Calendar
9. SSH
10. GPS
GPS Essentials
11. Multimedia
12. Remote control a Linux PC
13. Inside Android
14. Rooted Android
15. Custom Firmware
Android Debug Bridge
Special Boot Modes
Recovery with TWRP
Download with heimdall
Installing Apps without Google Play Store
Install custom ROM
e OS
16. USSD
17. Emergency mode
18. Android on PC
19. WiFi bridge
20. Development
Android Studio
Installation under Gentoo Linux
Developing Apps with the ADT and SDK
Money Making
21. Infrared
22. Specialties on different devices
Samsung account
Google Discover

List of Figures

12.1. RemoteDroid
13.1. Terminal
20.1. Link to Android SDK

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