If the Android is outdated on a phone and refuses to install the newest apps, then LineageOS might be a solution.

Other reasons are: Getting rid of all annoying bloated, pre-installed applications and features, creating a simple phone as for elderly people, ...

Android consists mainly of the following parts: The open source part, device specific drivers and the google part containing playstore, gmail and others. linage-<version-device>.zip is the image to be "sideloaded" into the file.


The steps installing LineageOS can brick the device when something goes wrong and makes it permanently unusable. No guarantee can be given within this guide that this does not happen.

Due to issues the google part is not part of LineageOS but can be installed as well.


To have Google play store, it needs to be installed before LineageOS starts the first time. So watch out the LineageOS installation. Depending on the LinageOS version this file is called as MindTheGapps-<version and arch>.zip

LineageOS has its wiki

The supported devices are

Mostly newer devices are supported, older as the Samsung Galaxy S III (International) (i9300) get no more maintained. Luckily under the wiki device list also those devices are listed where a guide how to install them can still be found.

LineageOS has for the supported architectures (as arm or arm64) two zip files under Download Extras One is to get root and one to remove root. So no strange untrusted apps need to be used. In the recovery mode and for example using twrp those zip files can be installed.


LinageOS has also a addonsu-<arch>.zip file that gets su support.

LinageOS comes with Trust that shows if root access is disabled. If Trust claims that SELinux is not enabled. It can be enabled starting in Rocovery mode then under Advanced there is a terminal in this rooted terminal. sestatus or getenforce shows the SELinux status, setenforce Enforcing

Installing Apps without Google Play Store

Yes, this is possible. It might be necessary for self developed aps annd if Google Play Store is not installed. If Google Playstore is installed then apps should be installed with it so the possibility of getting malware is lower and updates to the apps are announced.

To install it without Google Play Store, the apps need to be available as <filename>.apk A good source to get such files is

Install custom ROM

Having installed the recovery twrp and having adb the installation goes easy.

Download a LineageOS zip file as Lineage 16.0 that comes with Android 9 (alternatively as the lineage guide shows you might want to try to build one yourself) to your computer

Download the google apps to your computer

Download the Lineage extras to your computer

Put the android device in recovery mode using the special button press power up sequence or ./adb reboot recovery to get twrp

Consider to backup the existing system ROM

Do Wipe and Format Data

Go to Advanced Wipe and select Cache and System and then wipe

Do advanced ADB Sideload on the device

On the computer do adb sideload <filename>.zip to move the file to the device and repeat this for all files

Use twrp to reboot the system

Linurs startpage