Backup and synchronization

To backup and synchronizing there is the popular word cloud. But this has a potential danger that others might get a hold of it. As alternative there is the way of creating its own cloud server. However a more simple way is the good old FTP.

On the Android device there are many apps that can act as FTP server as Shuttle FTP. A root directory can be specified that holds the data to be backed up or/and synchronized.

Figure 6.1. ShuttleFTP


On the other side a FTP client needs to be installed. A comfortable way is using firefox with its plug-in FireFTP. FireFTP allows easy to connect and login to the Android device using WLAN, so no need for cables. After that there is a sync opting to check the differences and finally pop up with a proposal what could be done. Everything can be accepted, modified or refused manually before the "do-it" button is clicked.

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