The batteries and in case of not having Linux, the operating system are having the most impact to the price of a Netbook. The low cost Acer Aspire One ZG5 came with a 10.8V 2200mAh standard capacity battery pack, no Windows and no hard disk. The battery does not last for a whole day business trip. Luckily there are other sizes available, but not at a very low price:

Available capacities:

4400mAh (2 * capacity of the original)

6600mAh (3 * capacity of the original)

7800mAh (3.5 * capacity of the original)

A source where to order is:

A closer look shows that the batteries used are smart batteries that have a complex electronics inside that can be read via SMBus:

cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/info

cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state

The AAO has an SMBus Level 2 Battery Charger from Intersil ISL88731. Battery level 2 charger do initiate any charge on their own, they wait until the smart battery requests to get charged. Additionally there is also the Embedded Controller WPCE775 from Nuvotron that has two SmBus connections, where the first is connected to the battery and the second to the other I2C devices on the motherboard. Unfortunately Linux seems to have just access to the 2nd I2C bus.

Looking at the battery connector all 5 Smart battery signals can be found:

Battery Connector

An external I2C adapter can be connected to the battery.


Care has to be taken, since I2C does not use always the same signals. The AAO uses 3V signals but the external I2C adapter might use 5V signals.

It can happen that the batteries report errors as requesting a Conditioning Cycle. Usually this is a full charge and full discharge charge cycle.

There are two fuses on the motherboard one for the external power adapter (5A) and one for the battery (7A). It can happen that those fuses blow. Having the AOO unpowered and opened, a Ohm meter shows quickly if the fuses are blown. Unfortunately the fuses are SMD components and can not easily replaced.

Alternatively, the following shows a blown fuse and how to connect a 5*20mm replacement fuse in parallel.


And there is a place to put the fuse on the bottom of the AAO.

Fuse hack

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