You will have difficulties to find a Sudoku that this solver can not handle. Problematic are Sudokus that have more than one solution. For such Sudokus, the Sudoku solver starts to guess, but it can just solve such Sudokus to a certain level, to not have to wait you for too long time and risk a memory overrun. Test showed that passing a completely empty Sudoku will fail, but any other Sudoku got resolved within a fraction of a second.

The sudokueditor create sudoku files that can be used with the sudoku solver.

Manual installation

  • Download the latest sudsolv-*.*.tar.gz and extract the file and change in to its directory
  • Type maketo compile the source
  • Type make installto install it
  • And when you do not like it, type make uninstalland remove the directory

Gentoo Linux installation

  • Install my linursoverlay
  • Since it is not an official ebuild you must unmask it. Type: echo "games-puzzle/sudsolv ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
  • Type emerge sudsolvto install it
  • Type emerge --unmerge sudsolvto remove it