Tune the image

The captured image probably does not satisfy completely, it might have black borders and not completely horizontal. Using gimp the following operations can fix it.

Rotate the image

In the window showing the image select in the menu Layer, Transform, Arbitrary Rotation. However it is not recommended to do this since the picture looses quality (maybe due to the data compression of jpg, since it works on rectangular squares), it is therefore much better to take care an capture it already horizontally.

Remove black borders

In the window Toolbox, select Rectangle Select Tool. In the window showing the image, select the picture in a manner that no black boarders appear. In the menu Image click to Crop to Selection and you get the picture.

Improve the picture

In the GPL world the program for that is Gimp. Instead of installing appropriate plugins for each issue, the already available techniques can be applied:

  1. Use Filters>Blur to denoise the pictures, the loose information and get softer

  2. Filters>Enhance has some other features

  3. Editing is an other option where color picker, brush and finally smudge are the tools

Restore colors

Find a gimp script here: http://www.lionhouse.plus.com/photosoftware/gimp_plugins/

  1. Download the restore.py file

  2. Copy it to the plugin directory of GIMP (Linux: /home/<user>/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/)

  3. Make the script executable (in the plugins dir on a shell write "chmod a+x restore.py".

  4. Launch GIMP 2.6, and you should find a new main menu entry named "Restore".

  5. Open up a scan/photo and apply the plugin.

Dots and scratches

Dots and scratches need to be over painted. To not make it visible do:

  1. Use the free select toll to mark the area around the dot. Consider to use Select > Feather to not have a sharp selection border.

  2. Use the color picker tool to get the color and then the paint brush or any other tool to remove the dot.

  3. Use the smudge tool to get rid of sharp edges in the color difference.

  4. Finally apply filters noise to not have an uniform colored area.

Big spots

Big spots can usually not be over painted. Free select tool and to not create sharp edges select feather to 100 pixels. To not see the disturbing selection border press Ctrl+T, the work with contrast and colors until you are satisfied.

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