Capture the image

Scanner approach

I tried a HP scanjet 3570c with 4800 dpi resolution. It was very slow and I had problems with dust. Newer Scanner of course should be always better and much faster, but is it worth the money?

Hacker approach

Just take a picture from the slide. I used my pocket camera Pentax Optio S60 (6Mega pixels) using the best camera settings, no flash and super macro. I needed to zoom in a bit to get a full picture of the slide that was in an old battery based slide viewer. I put everything on a table and use the timer to take the picture and made the room a bit dark.

The hacker approach looked very promising. It was much faster to capture, much less dust sensitive and better picture quality. The only disadvantage is that the picture got yellow, due to the incandescent light bulb. Luckily today are bright white LED's available that easily improve this.

Slide adapter

Now the ultimate improvement is using a camera with a slide adapter. The slide adapter is from:

I improved it to have a customized LED light (containing 6 times 4 single LEDs).

Since the camera turns the slide when its auto focus function takes place. The length and weight of the adapter might cause bending stresses on the camera, so it is recommended to point the camera towards the floor and use a tri-pod. The picture needs to be zoomed, focused, put horizontal and then captured. Finally this gave the best result of all methods tested.

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