Is a command line tool to create snapshot files containing md5 checksums of selected directories. Files in the selected directories that have read-only permission, will be considered for the snapshot. Later, these snapshot files can be compare against the actual files on the storage medium. The tool gives information about new files added, files removed to other directories, and modified or corrupt files. The purpose of this program is to make sure a backup directory is binary identical to it source directory. The program uses md5sum and is just a python script with a man page. Goto Download to get the newest archver-*.*.tar.gz file. The program replaces my previous written program compdir-*.*.tar.gz that will no more be supported.

Gentoo Linux installation

  • Install my linursoverlay
  • Since it is not an official ebuild you must unmask it. Type: echo "app-crypt/archver ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
  • Type emerge archverto install it
  • Type emerge --unmerge archverto remove it